-We produce springs from ø 0.15mm to ø 25 mm
i profiled materials.

- Patented steel wire DIN 17223 list 1-2

- Nickel-chromium wire DIN 17224 and DIN 17225.


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    1.Compressive springs

    - Cylinder, cone,keg and others ...
    - With polished or unpolished ends
    according to DIN 2095

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    2. Extensive springs

    - With HalfGerman, German, English and
    special loops DIN 2097

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    3. Torsion springs DIN 2088


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    4. Springs for agricultural machinery


-We do the required surface protection for all the springs.
-We service grinding springs.
-Springs are made based on submitted drawings or samples.
-On customer request we deliver certificates for springs.